Garage Door Broke?

Garage Door Broke?

Garage Door Broke? Over the years it’s as if I have seen it all, almost every kind of break and fall you can imagine  from a Garage Door ,  and I can’t remember a Garage  Door I could not fix, there have been times that I wondered, if this is the one? this page is dedicated to the many garage doors I have come across over the years  in this industry  and a few other jobs by other tech around the industry .


It’s late in the midnight hour and  you hear  what sounds like a loud metallic Bang in your garage but  when you go out to investigate to no avail you don’t find the problem so its not until the next morning on your way to work and the Garage Door won’t open, so as you look to investigate, you discover there is a break in the spring above the garage door. now What?    

Don’t worry there is no bait and switch in the price, it’s   a true FLAT rate, only $49.00 for the spring and  $75.00 for labor to install, no more $300.00- 400.00 rip off from companies that won’t give  you more than a 5 year warranty for their overpriced Garage Door Spring repair, compare and save, try calling them and ask how much will they charge you to install your Garage Door spring and discover the real savings  along with our 10 year warranty


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